Why I will never use Bell Mobility as my mobile network provider again!

The reason why I actually decided to start blogging again is because I have been having a really bad experiences with Bell Mobility lately and it has angered me so much to the point where I want to share it with the world.

I think Bell is one of THE WORST service providers IN THE WORLD! The only thing I can’t complain about is that their network is fast and it works, but here are the reasons why I will never sign another contract with them again and why you shouldn’t either:

1. Terrible Customer Service

I have never experienced such terrible customer service in my life. To fix a problem on your account, you will literally be on the phone for at least 30 minutes. I’ve actually logged probably 5 hours with them by now, and I’m never going to get that time back. Now it’s not necessarily the customer service agent’s fault, the employees just don’t have the authority to make the changes without consulting their supervisor first. They need to seriously fix this and give them more authority.

2. They’re not flexible

I once accidentally went over on my data usage. I really have no idea how this happened, but somehow on Christmas Eve I managed to use 1GB of data in a span of a day. It ended up adding a whopping $170 to my bill. I definitely was not happy about this, but I was hoping they’d at least be able to do something to soften the burden. THEY CAN’T AND THEY WON’T! You’ll have to eat up those costs. With a stupid policy like that, I wish I had some kind of ripoff insurance. At least inform me or cut off my service. For this reason alone, I would not want to be with Bell for the chance that this might happen again.

3. They’re expensive

There are a lot of cheaper options out there. Wind and Mobilicity both provide unlimited Voice and Data plans for less than $45/month. With Bell you’ll have a limited plan that you’ll pay at least $60/month for. You’ll be stuck in a contract with a high buyout price, and you’ll have a chance of going over your usage and being eaten alive. I usually don’t mind paying more for service, but if you’re going to cost more than the service better be great as well.

4. They will waste your time and tell you things that don’t make sense

I decided that since I went over on my data usage and had to pay a ridiculous amount, I’d counter this by increasing my data to 1GB and paying a little more. What do you think happened? Yes I did have to pay more, but a little more is kind of an understatement.

A whopping $300 more! So I went to check what the problem was…

Something I used to get for free, I was now being charged $30.27/MB for. THIRTY DOLLARS AND SEVENTY CENTS PER MEGABYTE! If that wasn’t icing on the cake, the decided to throw in a $10/MB charge for e-mail and internet just in case I didn’t notice the first one.

Okay, so fine… mistakes happen. I called them to get things sorted out and sure enough I was put on hold for 25 minutes. I know it was 25 minutes, because I was checking the timer on my phone. What happens after the 25 minutes? They hang up. Are you serious? Please pay me $10 for wasting my time. So I called back and it was answered by some guy who could barely speak english and finally I was able to get a hold of a lady. I explained the situation and told her that I didn’t want to be kept waiting because I was already very frustrated.

She informed me that she would have to speak with her supervisor, so I told her to please let me speak to her supervisor, because I really didn’t want to waste anymore time. Finally after wasting another 3o minutes, they finally credited the $290.76 charge for the data usage, but what about the $1o charge for the e-mail usage?

She tried to explain to me that the charge is because I am on a flex plan and that if I pass the 1GB usage, I will automatically be switched to the 3GB plan. Fine, but where does it say that on the bill and why was it only for 1MB? If it’s not stated properly, then I’m not paying for it. Then she began stalling and looking at things on her system and that’s when I just lost it.

Me: I don’t get it, why can’t just credit the $10? Just put it back on my account and stop wasting time. If you can’t do it then let me talk to your supervisor.
Lady: Ok sir, I’m going to talk to my supervisor, can you hold on again for a moment?
Me: Fine.

Finally after another 10 minutes or so, she finally told me that her supervisor approved a credit on the $10 charge and finally concludes my worst customer service experience ever.

I really just hope whoever reads this will try to stay away from Bell Mobility as much as possible. Please share it with your friends so they too can see this scumbag they call a company. Do not fall for their promos, they will eat away at you and waste your time, and then come back later for leftovers. I’ve said it many times before, though they’re not related. TD Canada Trust has the best customer service I’ve ever seen. Sure they charge a lot, but their service is above and beyond. I hope more companies will strive to be like them.

Finally to conclude this post, I want to thank you Bell Canada. Because of you, I summoned the energy and passion to start blogging again. I just really hope you guys try make some changes in the future. If there’s something I learned about customer service, when there’s a problem, you don’t just make it right; You make it right and exceed the customer’s expectations. That’s how you take something negative and turn it into something positive.

#BellMobility hashtag on Twitter. Really? Not one positive tweet?


2 comments on “Why I will never use Bell Mobility as my mobile network provider again!

  1. Yeah atleast you’re aware in terms of the coverage and speed that Bell Mobility can offer. First Customer service, ofcourse the reason why we’re being on hold for an hour because they have so many customers that has questions on their account and some of us were not capable of understanding and accepting their explanation. In terms of the flexibility, ofcourse HELLO!! 2012 and 2013 is coming, the technology right now up to date, more than up to date and I’ve been receiving notification with my data if I reached 75% of data through text and if I reached 85%, some of my friends with Bell told me to just ignore the notification that they received and will call Bell and ask for adjustment proactively denying that they received a notification. Expensive?! HELLO what do you expect? High coverage and fast speed for $45 /month only? Rogers and Telus can offer some of the plan that is not that expensive but look at their coverage and speed? They’re renting one of the Bell tower so that they will ahve coverage, Wind and Mobilicity? HELLO the reason why it’s more cheaper bacause they have terrible connection THAT’S IT. Nonsense explanation? No it’s not about the explanation itself, it’s about our understanding in the first place. Let’s be responsible and good enough in terms of understanding our account, manage our usages, and monitor our spending. It’s not Bell themselves but OURS..

    • Being a big company isn’t an excuse for poor customer service. Apple and TD are huge companies, and their customer service is top notch. No way in hell should I be waiting on the phone for more than 10 minutes waiting for a customer service rep. That’s the kind of service I’d expect from those other companies you mentioned. High volume of customers? Hire more people or stop making mistakes. That’s why we’re paying those high fees.

      I’m not sure if you even read my post, but that mistake was their fault, not mine. My usage had nothing to do with it. I changed my plan and they decided to start charging for social usage, something I was never charged with before. Bell’s customer service needs to improve, PERIOD.

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