Makes Budgeting Easy and Fun

So my co-worker and I were having a chat. He was having a problem with his spending. It seems like every week all his money just disappears in a cloud of smoke. He was telling me about how he really had to start watching his spending to figure out where it all goes. We’ve all heard the story before. His solution to this was that he was going to start writing everything down.

Then I thought, ‘Really? This is the 21st century. We already have apps to do that for us.’ The app I was thinking of was It’s a budgeting tool that automatically categorizes your transactions and gives you alerts when you are over budget.

Me: Are you really going to write it all down? That takes a lot of time and effort. They already have an app that does that for you automatically. You just set your budgets at the beginning of the month and it automatically categorizes all the transactions for you. 

Co-worker: Really? How does it work? Do you currently use it?

Me: Yea, I’ve been using it for a while now. It always lets me know when I’m over budget. The only catch is you have to give them your bank’s login information so it can look up your transactions. Some people don’t feel comfortable doing that. Although millions of people are already using it and it has nothing but great reviews.

Co-worker: Okay I’m sold, how much is it gonna cost me?

Me: Oh, that’s the best part. It’s absolutely free to use. You can even add the app on your iPhone and it’ll give you alerts every time you’re over budget.

I helped him sign up and within a couple minutes he had a budget set with an idea of where all his money has gone. I would normally write a list of all it’s benefits, but it’s probably better if you just try it out yourself. Check it out at


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